All divers boarding the boat are kindly asked to respect the rules below:

  1. NO shoes on the boat
  2. NO mobiles on the boat
  3. NO smoking on the boat
  4. Assemble and check your equipment and gas supply before boarding the boat
  5. Do not board the boat carrying your tank and BCD. Close your tank and wait for an NISD staff to help you
  6. Stay seated out of the captain’s sight and the crew’s way when the boat is moving In and OUT of harbor
  7. Pay careful attention to your dive leader’s pre-dive briefing and follow instructions
  8. When you reach the dive site, put on your weight belt, fins and mask and wait for an NISD staff to help you wear your tank and BCD
  9. Do the buddy check before entering the water
  10. At end of your dive, exit the water as directed by the dive leader
  11. Make room for other returning divers to maneuver on deck
  12. If you wish to swim or cool off in the water, ask the boat captain if it is “OK” to do so
  13. If you are the last diver to exit the water, close the ladder after boarding
  14. Don’t leave any equipment behind on the boat. Take your mask, fins, weight belt and any other belongings and wait for an NISD staff to hand you your tank and BCD
  15. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. The NISD team is here to assist and make you enjoy diving