We offer here at NISD the best Scuba Services. Our Services range from air fills equipment repairs, equipment rentals, fun dives, technical dives, training, and Local as well as International Dive Trips.Air Fills: we have the best air filling services on the Lebanese coast. We’ve got the best and up-to-date compressors and a booster pump providing a wide range of air fills (Air, Nitrox, pure Oxygen, travel mixes, all technical deep dive mixes) to dive in Lebanon

Equipment Repairs: From Ultrasonic cleansing to regular equipment repairs, NISD provides its divers with the best repair and check-up services. Our staff is experienced to service your regulators (first/second stage), SPGs, BCDs, tanks, and a wide range of computers (we are the official dealer and service center of Dive Rite Nitek computers and diving equipment). to dive in Lebanon

We are specialized in repairing dry suits. Having your dry suit’s rubber sleeves and neck changed by our experience personnel. With NISD, expect nothing but the best.

Equipment rentals: At NISD you don’t need to have your own diving equipment to be able to dive. We provide you with tanks, fins, booties, weight belts, wet suits, BCDs, regulators, and masks. A swim suit and a towel is all you need to dive with us. However, we do not rent dive computers because we strongly believe that a dive computer is a personal diving equipment.

NISD works with ScubaStation for all its diving equipment. Link to photo Gallery

Fun Dives: All around the year, our boats are loading and unloading divers from various diving locations. “Shark Point“, “Submarine“, and “Sting Ray Reef” are some of the various dive sites that you hear among our divers. We have 2 dive tours a day. For more details check our weekly diving in Lebanon schedule.

During the high season (April – October), our dive boats, the Entreprise, the Dive Trek, and the SS1 depart at least twice daily. Times may vary, and so may the level. Some dives are recreational, some are technical and some are mixed. Call us a day in advance, and we’ll inform you on the times and the kind of dives in Lebanon we have.

You can also check our weekly diving in Lebanon schedule.

From heart pounding shark dives, to walls, and fantastic historical wrecks for both open and advanced divers, we cover all the dive sites.

The boats are moored 1 meter away from the club’s door, so no hassle with carrying your equipment for long distances either.

For those who really want to experience something different, there are the night dives. At night, the atmosphere on the boat is one of anticipation. Most fish rest and they are easily approachable, or they feed, and the hunt makes them come out of their hiding place. The dark and the depth makes one loses all sense of direction, and since no light filters through from the surface, you have no clue about depth either. With lit torches – so you don’t lose the other divers – and zero gravity, you get an idea what a ‘space walk’ must be like to diving in Lebanon.