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125′ Finger Spool


50′ Finger Spool

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In the early days of cave diving, reels were not available to buy off the shelf. Divers used anything they could, including empty electrical wire spools. When exploring, divers would pay out the line and if they didn’t empty the spool it would be left in the cave for the next dive. Cave diving pioneer, Woody Jasper, used a medical tape spool with cover to hold that short length of safety line. Today, our 50-foot Finger Spool is most often used as a gap reel or for short distance exploration. Small and low-profile, a spool fits nicely out of the way in a pocket or clipped off to a D-ring. The holes in the side allow for clipping in a double ended snap anywhere along the perimeter of the spool to keep the line tight when not in use. Made of ABS plastic, finger spools are simple to use and virtually indestructible in the water. They come standard with a large stainless double ended clip.

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