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Ikelite AF-35 Kit


Ikelite AF-35 Kit

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The Ikelite AutoFlash AF35 kit is an effortless and affordable way to add a flash to your point-and-shoot camera system. Everything you need to get started is in the box. Just attach it to the bottom of your housing and start taking pictures.

The single tray attaches directly to most small Ikelite housings for point-and-shoot digital cameras. Mounting hardware is also included for use with most housings from Olympus, Canon, Sony and other manufacturers. The kit features a contoured handle with a rubber grip for added comfort, and the pop bead flexi-arm offers flexibility in flash positioning. No tools are needed to remove handle, arm and strobe assembly from the tray for packing. The system is lightweight above water for travel and approximately neutrally buoyant underwater when attached to an Ikelite housing with camera.

The exposure selector dial on the side of the sensor provides fine-tuning to optimize results with a variety of digital still cameras. Once you find an exposure level that you like, leave the dial on that number for automatic operation. For advanced users, the selector dial can be used as exposure compensation while remaining in automatic mode. The flash also features six manual power settings for full control over exposure.

When using an external wide-angle lens, consider adding a second strobe for broader and more even coverage. Adding a second strobe is easy with the #4035.1 AF35 Secondary Flash Kit, which includes a dual tray along with the right-hand flash assembly.

An external flash is your most important accessory. The ocean is one big, blue filter. As you descend, the reds and oranges quickly become muted shades of blue and gray. Shining a color corrected light source on your subject will bring back your subject’s natural color.

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