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October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017
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Cressi fins designed specifically for the pool and for training. The short blade is made from highly reactive and light materials to guarantee agile and not very tiring, but still effective kicking. The length of the blade and the materials used have been studied to enable perfect muscle training, without ever causing painful cramps. The side of the blade is protected by a soft elastomer profile to prevent possible damage to other swimmers. The computer-designed foot is made completely from soft elastomers, and its highly anatomical shape houses the foot with a great degree of comfort, even during long swim sessions. The special conformation of the wide-soled foot makes inserting the foot easy and smooth. These fins have been specifically designed for training and to build up muscles, but they can also be profitably used for snorkeling and swimming, where the small size of the blade makes it easier to enter and come out of the water.

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