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1083 Series


1083 Series

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  • Match with 1057 Snorkel
  • Quick-adjust springless swivel side buckles
  • Silicone skirt with double feather-edge seal
The 1083 Series mask offers exceptional visual range and substantially reduced tunnel vision. Its silicone skirt, double feather-edge seal, and quick-adjust springless swivel side buckles make up an excellent and comfortable mask to wear. Optical lens are available and corrective lenses can be easily installed. Available in silicone and PVC skirt.
  • 1083S: Clear silicone skirt and strap
  • 1083KS: Black silicone skirt and strap
  • 1083P: PVC skirt and TPR strap
  • Colors Available: B, BT, K, C, FY, FG, and P
    Colors Available: CB, CK, CFY, CP, CR, CW, CRT and CFG
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