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Nomad JT Sidemount


Nomad JT Sidemount

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For purists and hard core sidemounters, the Nomad JT is the rig you want to wear. Inspired by local, North Florida sidemount explorer, James Toland, the Nomad JT has a minimalist, modified Deluxe harness with only the bare essentials necessary for fit and function. Pivot point hardware on the chest provides a custom fit for each diver, while metal oval loops at the waist keep the wing tight alongside the body. A chest strap, which is often seen as unnecessary, actually is critical to keeping any sidemount rig stable, both in and out of the water. The chest strap can be trimmed once a custom fit is achieved. The crotch strap runs high on the back of the wing to give attachment points for lights, reels or stage tanks. SuperFabric® brand technology on the reverse of the wing protect against abrasions and snags.


The Nomad JT has a 360-degree, 50lb lift wing. There are two dumps on the bottom of the wing: one on the lower left and one on the lower right. The right dump is helpful when carrying stage bottles that can block access to the lower, left dump. The OPV on the top of the wing is tucked inside the wing, facing the diver to avoid becoming a water trap. A thin cord runs from the OPV at the top down the left shoulder via a fabric channel and can be shortened as desired. This cord is reversible for divers who wish to run it down the right shoulder. A reverse inflation hose is located just above the lower left dump valve and can be attached to the shoulder D or chest strap for streamlining and easy access.

Tank bungees attach to daisy chain loops sewn into the backplate, which keeps the wing close to the body without herniating the top of the wing. There are two sets of daisy chain loops, plus one center loop which gives plenty of options for lengthening or shortening bungees as needed for diver stature and/or preference.

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